Square Foot Garden Tomato Ideas

square foot gardening tomatoes

Square foot gardening is a suitable growing technique for gardeners that wish to make the most out of their space. To get going, simply divide your space into a series of squares gauging 1 foot on each side, and then plant each square with whatever vegetable you select. While some kinds of tomato plants might use up 4 or five of these squares in the garden, by choosing carefully and also expanding vertically, you can maximize your yields.

What are the benefits of square foot gardening?

The advantages of square foot gardening make it appealing for both beginner garden enthusiasts and also seasoned green thumbs alike. The horticulture method uses raised garden beds that need marginal backyard area, making it ideal for those with minimal space and city slickers desiring to begin a yard. If your HOA enables it, an elevated garden bed can additionally supply edible landscape design in a front yard.

An elevated garden bed allows for gardening in places where the dirt is mediocre. An increased garden bed can bypass rocky as well as clay-type soils that drain improperly and don’t permit plants to establish strong root systems. With an elevated garden bed, you are in full control of the dirt your plants will grow in.

Along with conserving area, the dense growing plan can result in the growth of organic mulch, making it extremely difficult for weeds to expand. Square foot gardeners additionally find planting and also fertilizing to be easier as the soil hangs as well as convenient.

Just how does a Square Foot Gardening Grid aid?

As professional garden enthusiasts recognize well as well as those yet to plant their very first seed will certainly soon find out, different plants and also veggies call for differing quantities of area to grow. While not an exact science, a level of precision throughout planting time will pay dividends come harvest.

Commonly, with square foot gardening a gardener will determine and also stake out square foot growing areas by making a grid out of a selection of instruments such as string or thin wood slats. Using the square foot gardening grid areas a garden enthusiast plants by location as opposed to rows, (recommendation our associated short article noted above) to expand in a condensed area. Upon quick assembly, the Garden Grid ™ watering system takes care of all the measuring for you, splitting your expanding location right into equivalent growing areas. What’s more, the Yard Grid ™ works as your main yard watering system. A square foot gardening grid as well as yard watering system covered right into one; it doesn’t get much easier than this.

square foot gardening tomatoes

Just how much will I have the ability to grow?

Many gardeners will be stunned at the quantity of fruit and vegetables that can be amassed from even a tiny elevated garden bed making use of the square foot gardening approach. A 4 × 4 foot increased yard bed might produce sufficient veggies for a small family members to appreciate during the expanding season, and also freeze for later on. Trellises can be made use of to make the most of the amount of plants per square foot and ultimately increase the yield of your elevated yard bed.

Square Foot Gardening Tomatoes


Tomato plants have 3 primary needs: water, drain and sunshine. A yard website that doesn’t incorporate all three is doomed to failing. Make sure your spot gets six to 10 hours of full sunlight each day, and have it close sufficient to water that you can keep your plants irrigated throughout completely dry climate. While water is very important, if it doesn’t drain away, your tomato plants will certainly rot. If you’re going to grow greater than tomatoes, place your tallest plants at the north end of your yard space, so they do not obstruct the sun from the remainder of the garden.


Some kinds of tomatoes lend themselves much better to square foot gardening than others. Look either for vine tomatoes that will grow vertically or little, bushy kinds that don’t need big amounts of space. Cherry tomato bushes usually fit perfectly right into a square foot yard. Attempt easy-to-grow varieties such as “SunSugar,” “Eco-friendly Grape” and also “Black Cherry.” If you are searching for bigger fruit, “Roma” and “Celebrity” are bushy types that use up even more room than cherry tomatoes, yet still won’t take over your garden. Vining tomatoes such as “Early Woman” expand on tough supports and will make use of the least quantity of ground area. These varieties expand well in a Mediterranean-type climate.


Square foot gardening approaches make it simple to keep track of what you plant and also where you grew it each season. Use this details to turn your crops into different parts of the garden, therefore cutting down on insect and disease issues. Do not plant your tomatoes in the same location twice, if you can potentially avoid it. Never ever plant them where eggplants, peppers, strawberries or potatoes have actually remained in the last three years, to lessen the danger of your tomatoes getting diseases such as verticillium wilt from the soil.


A lot of tomato plants benefit from some kind of assistance, especially the vining types as well as those that create full-sized tomatoes. A tomato cage helps to sustain tomato bushes, and also a sturdy pole set alongside a tomato creeping plant allows you grow your tomatoes directly. According to the square foot gardening overview at Harvest to Table, making use of a pole makes it possible to expand one vining tomato plant in each square foot. A cord fencing or trellis will certainly give you a similar impact. Tie your plants to the support as they grow, being careful not to harm the plants by connecting them also firmly.

square foot gardening tomatoes

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