Weed Free Garden

Weed Free Gardening

Weed-free gardening

Is it simply a dream?

I have some severe experience in horticulture. I’m not your standard “salad” garden enthusiast. I grow the majority of what I consume … all year … For the 101 days I was on The Homesteaders Food Obstacle I grew everything I consumed. Which is difficult. When you decide to expand your whole diet you need to know how to expand things. Or you’ll starve.

weed free garden

I didn’t starve and I had an enormous garden. In 2014 I had 3 substantial gardens in fact. When you have a number of gardens you discover a point or more about weeding.

Like how much you dislike it.

So, I ended up being an expert at protecting against weeds because I wished to go to the pool and also not weed my garden each day of my life.

Of all the techniques, systems and approaches I tried– this one is my favored.

My mulch of choice is: STRAW

  • Straw is very easy to discover.
  • Straw is cheap.
  • Straw is simple to spread out.
  • Straw allows plants (and dirt) to take a breath (so you don’t obtain a fungus down there).
  • Straw composts quickly.
  • Straw will improve your soil.


Sorry for screaming. It’s actually crucial that you mulch your garden with straw (or compost, or wood chips, or grass trimmings, or want needles, or dried fallen leaves) JUST NOT HAY.

You see, if you spread hay about, anywhere, you are generally seeding that location … with turf seed. And also I guarantee you that you do not wish to plant turf seed in your garden.

Straw: Straw is dried and also baled wheat. When you plant straw it comes in quite swiftly, grows into large wheat and passes away. The farmer suffices bundles it or harvests it or whatever and it is gone. Never to be seen once again. It will not grow back once more unless you sow wheat seeds again. If you take place to have a straw seed sprout in your garden you don’t require to stress. Straw is an annual. It will not return following year. It will ultimately die as well as become abundant soil. It’s life ends and also stops as well as you will not ever before see it again.

HAY: Hay is dried and baled turf. When you plant lawn you had better want it there permanently due to the fact that it will certainly relocate forever. Turf comes back every year. Lawn is a seasonal. Not just will it come back annually, numerous turfs are created to spread, cover as well as increase. The longer the yard is there the much more it grows, spreads and also takes control of. Grass does not require to be reseeded (generally) since it always returns (larger and badder). If you place hay in your garden, it will turn your garden right into a grassy field and remain to expand as well as progress and also spread forever and ever. And did I mention it will certainly spoil your life garden.

You can see why growing mulching your garden with hay is a horrible concept as well as making use of straw (or various other non-grass compost) is a fabulous concept.

weed free garden

I normally buy a couple of bundles of straw every springtime so I do not have to weed all summertime.

Long awaited spring ultimately gets here as well as we obtain that impulse once more. We want to plant. We want to plant. We intend to expand food!

We go out to our gardens with a satisfied heart and an avoid in our action only to locate that our garden is not there and a bumper crop of weeds are ready to be gathered.

Since it’s spring as well as we have uncommon power and determination we decorate our ideal weeding outfit & readied to work. We pull. We yank. We damage every weed until we are entrusted gorgeous soil. The weed damage event may consist of tilling and also even leading clothing. Once the garden is prepped and prepared we plant our infant plants as well as plant our seeds.

And afterwards it takes place.

weed free garden

It rains for 2 weeks straight and we can no longer see our plants since the weeds have actually come back in a huge method. My weed-free, freshly grown, fresh garden beds are a catastrophe in a matter of days.

Why Straw is Good For Your Garden:

  1. It will not transform your garden into a grassy pasture
  2. It blocks out the sunlight, avoiding weeds from growing as well as preventing hidden weed seeds
  3. from germinating
  4. It holds in moisture so your dirt stays damp longer (this suggests you will not need to water as typically).
  5. It shades your soil so trendy period plants do not screw as soon (like lettuce, cilantro & broccoli).
  6. It fertilizes and boosts your soil. As the straw breaks down and also composts it will certainly make your dirt much better.
  7. It is organic. Unlike materials as well as covers, straw is actually great for your garden. It is good for the worms, the planet and also the environment.

Prevent Weeds in Garden

Right here’s 7 Ways to Use Straw (or seed-free compost) to Stop Weeds.

Just How to Quit Weeds: # 1 Pull up all the weeds.

First, get down there and pull up those dang weeds. If you till them they will generally just replant themselves. If you scratch the complete (or tear the round off) they will normally grow a brand-new one. They should come out if you do not want to weed once more.

Tips for drawing weeds:

Do it after a rainfall. They will certainly come up much easier.
Try to obtain the root out too. Numerous weeds will just grow a new top no matter how many times you scrape off the tops.
Usage whatever helps you. Hoes, growers, blades. Just get them up.
Toss them much from your garden. If you just pull them & leave them in the garden they will certainly more than likely replant themselves & expand again.

Just How to Stop Weeds: # 2 A Thick Layer of Straw (or seed-free compost).

When the weeds are gone you need to cover any kind of subjected bare ground. Not tomorrow. Not this weekend. Not when you obtain a time off. Lay the straw now. You need to spread out the straw the day you pull all the weeds up. If you do not, you’ll be weeding again when you get around to taking down the straw.

Lay a wonderful thick layer of straw over any type of exposed ground.

weed free garden

No weed garden

Spread out the straw (or seed-free compost) where ever you do not want weeds to grow. You can see below I have sugar breeze peas growing up an A-frame shaped trellis. I DISLIKE weeding the center of this blasted point. Ugh. Yes, I squeeze my large self right into this small triangular to get to the weeds & it’s no fun. So, I mulch deep in the middle of this man so I don’t have to ever before go in there once again.

Exactly How to Quit Weeds: # 3 Do Not Cover Seeds You Sowed.

As a rule, I don’t lay straw on top of seeds I sowed underground. I desire my little seeds to germinate, locate the light and grow toward the sun prior to I drown them in straw. Aware above you can see I mulched the center of this trellis with straw, yet left the outdoors bare. My Roma beans are planted right here & they haven’t show up yet. Once they arrive I will let them grow until they are 4-8 inches tall, after that I’ll mulch around them.

Just How to Stop Weeds: # 4 If it’s not Grown yet, Compost it.

Anytime you have a vacant bed that you have not planted yet, you ought to spray some straw on it. This will certainly do several points.

Prevent weeds from growing.
Keep the soil moist, soft as well as convenient (anybody ever tried to plant in completely dry, hard, ground? Not fun).
Urge worms… they like mulch.
Enhance your soil– as the straw breaks down it will certainly make your garden much better.

In the above image, the bed closest to you hasn’t been grown yet. It is buried in straw while it waits on veggies. There is a little butter crisis, lettuce volunteer that sprouted on his own. I chose I wanted to consume him in another week — so he stayed.

How to Stop Weeds: # 5 Mulching Will Make Expanding Easier.

I recognize individuals who do not ever grow onions or garlic because they are a weeding nightmare. It’s kinda real. The issue with these plants is the tops are so thin. An onion (or garlic) plant doesn’t have much leafy vegetation to color the ground and also prevent weeds. When you plant onions or garlic the ground is virtually obtaining full sunlight.

Full sun on subjected, bare ground implies one point: Weeds.

To stop this weed nightmare I just stuff straw in between all my onions & garlic. The ground is covered & the weeds go to sleep.

Exactly How to Quit Weeds: # 6 Compost Row Gardens.

Mulching isn’t just for the raised bed gardener. I assume it’s even more essential in an elevated row garden or a standard row garden. I hate weeding walking courses.

Merely covering all your strolling courses with straw will save you a lots of work.

Just How to Quit Weeds: # 7 Serious Trouble Gardens.

I have a relative that lately relocated. As he was cutting his turf someday (the grass resembled a forest) he ran right into something. Ended up it was an increased garden bed & there were numerous of them buried under all the weeds.

His weed problem resembles nothing else I have actually seen. He has torched the beds. He has actually tilled. He has actually top dressed with brand-new soil. He has actually covered in straw & the weeds & turf are unstoppable.

weed free garden

For this kind of circumstance, you might need to lay down a layer of paper before you put the straw on the top. You can utilize newspapers or cardboard boxes. Prepare the paper in a thick layer around all your plants. After you have the paper down lay the compost on top of that. The paper will break down & compost as it blocks the sunlight from all those weeds. The mulch in addition to the paper will certainly maintain it from blowing away. I did something comparable in 2014. Go below to see it.

As irritating as it may seem I have excellent news. Yearly as you leading dress with mulch & remove weeds you will discover you have much less as well as less weeds to pull. Just the weeds laying on the top layer of soil will germinate and also grow. As long as you don’t till your garden you will at some point get to a factor where the weeds are practically gone.

Mulching is never best as well as won’t eliminate 100% of your weeds… however it will remove the majority of them. For me, this means I just need to draw 10 weeds rather than 10,000.


Bonus: 14 Ways to Make Weeding Easier

Weeds Free

Here are some tips to make weeding easier and extra efficient.

  1. Weed the day after a rain or after sprinkling — weeds pull out much easier in damp soil.
  2. Stop a weed from blooming and you stop numerous future weeds.
  3. Get the root out — if the origin stays behind you did not obtain the remove.
  4. Draw slowly to give the plant a possibility to release itself from the soil.
  5. Pull the extract with your hands or a trowel — it is harder work than utilizing a hoe, but much more reliable.
  6. Don’t interrupt soil unless you need to.
  7. Make sure you remove a number of inches of root on weeds with tap roots, like a dandelion.
  8. After that there is a likelihood it will pass away.
  9. Do not make use of natural home remedy as a herbicide — they are all nonsense as well as don’t function.
  10. Draw weeds when they are tiny.
  11. Pull weeds weekly — do not let them prosper of you.
  12. Start weeding in very early springtime.
  13. Weeding develops bare dirt — move the compost back after pulling a weed to prevent brand-new weeds.
  14. Weed morning when it is amazing — you will certainly weed for a longer period of time prior to you get tired.

There is a correct method to draw weeds.

  • Grab the weed as low to the ground as feasible.
  • Make certain you have as much of the leaf stems in your hand as feasible prior to drawing.
  • If it is a huge plant and a non-spreader, utilize the various other hand to stick a trowel right into the dirt near the crown of the weed.
  • Pull extremely gently and also alleviate the roots out of the dirt.
  • If you are also making use of a trowel, pry the trowel back at the same time as you draw so that it assists raise the origin system.

If the majority of the origin system appears — you have success. If you just obtain a handful of leaves — you fell short and also you need ahead back in a number of weeks as well as do it once more.

weed free garden

For spreading out seasonal weeds it is a good suggestion to carefully dig up the dirt around the weed, attempting not to break any of the rhizomes. Gradually draw the weed out, and adhere to the roots along in the soil, loosening it as you go. Trying to obtain every last piece. It is hard to get it all, yet the even more you get, the much more you damage the weed.

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